Topic: dmoz


dmoz, also known as the Open Directory Project or ODP, is an open content hierarchical web directory (similar to Yahoo!).

Names and Domains

dmoz was originally called: Gnuhoo. But because of a Flame War mostly over at Slashdot, the name was later changed to Newhoo.

When Netscape bought it, it was then renamed the Open Directory Project, and given the domain This domain was then shortened to, which is where the current name comes from.


In about 1997-2000 I was an editor at dmoz, and went by the handle tnt. While an editor at the Open Directory Project, work I did included: the creation of new content, approving of (or disapproving of) submutted content, and searching for new content.

Although I do not know if dmoz is still the same, back when I was an editor dmoz editors largely communicated via private forums. The dmoz editors were organized into a class-system; where some editors were more equal than others.


One thing that I find amusing is that there is a smiley named after me in the (private) dmoz forums. ==-* I also created a couple of them. <moz> :>

Inside Jokes

Other things I feel somewhat nostalgic towards are: YKYATODPW and the Canadian Sekrit Forces. (They are both inside jokes known to certain ODP editors at the time.)

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux