Topic: Web Development


Web Development is the process of making Webpages and Websites. A person who does web development is said to be a web developer.

You could think of web development as the process of making The Web.

I've been doing web development since 1995.

(Below is a list of web development terms for easy reference.)

Web Developers

There are many many different kind of web developers. Some are Software Engineers. Some a just Programmers. And some are even people who just know HTML (and maybe CSS too). There are also a number of Artists that learn HTML and some CSS and do web development too.

Virtually every web developer knows HTML. HTML is essentially the language The Web is written in.

Web Technologies

Web Development includes technologies such as: HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Atom, and RSS. As well as server side technologies like: MySQL, PHP, SQL, Apache, Linux.

The grouping of the server side technologies, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP... is often called by the acronym: L.A.M.P. or just LAMP.

Scalability and Performace

The first thing to realize is that Scalability is NOT the same as Performace.

Scalability has to do with making it so not only does your system not "break" as you "problem" gets bigger... but it will ran in an acceptable fashion. (Knowing the branch of Math known as Computational Complexity is necessary for this..)

Performace has to do with making things run quickly.

Some tools that are helpful with Scalability and Performace are:

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux