Tirebiterz was an Internet TV show I created on August 7th, 2006. (At least, that's when I 1st registered the Tirebiterz.com domain.) Work on the show continued until about April 2008.

In a nutshell, the show was about motorcycles and cars. Specificially, covering car shows, motorcycle shows, races, stunts, etc.


The name of the show was a "tongue-and-cheek" reference to "tire biters" -- to girls who are, let's say, passionate "hot" cars and bikes, and guys who have them.

Target Audience

The show was targeted mainly at a male audience.


Filming for the show took place in the number of locations and for a number of events in the Greater Vancouver area and Washington State, including: Mission Raceways, Langley Cruise-In, as well as parking lots in various places where people where doing tricks with motards.

Most of the filming was done by myself (following advice from Chet Woodside). However, Adam Bergunder and Chet Woodside did some filming as well.


There was a Tirebiterz clothing line, that was comprised of a series of t-shirts and hoodies.


There were a number of people involved. Myself, of course. Long time friend Adam Bergunder helped with filming and photography for the show. Chet Woodside was hired to do the video editing. There were also a number of models and promo girls involved with the show, including: Crystal Tisiga, Natasha Voitenkova, Kerry Diotte, Nikki Brie Gertsch, Anna Kaminska, Anna Kaminska.

Website Software

The Tirebiterz.com website ran on WordPress. It also used the VideoPress WordPress plug-ins I created.


Tirebiterz basically ended not too long after the Vancouver Motorcycle Show in Abbotsford in 2008.

Watch Tirebiterz

You can see one of the episodes of Tirebiterz below:


And here are some (more) photos from the show:

Art Work

And here are is (more) art work from the show:

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux
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