Topic: The Pas


The Pas is a town in Manitoba, Canada.

The Pas is pronounced The Paw... and some people will mistakenly spell it that way.


My father, his sister, his brother, and his mother and his father lived there. At one time, there were alot of people of Scottish descent living there.

My father (Charles Robert Krempeaux) told me that he thoughtthe actual name of the town is: Le Pas. And whenever I've seen it written in documents (he had), I've seen it written Le Pas (instead of The Pas or The Paw). It's just that (from what I could gather) most people called it The Pas (pronounced The Paw)... instead of how it is actually spelled. (Translating the French Language "Le" to the English Language "The")

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux