Topic: Teenager


A Teenager is any person who is 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19 years old.

The word "teenager" seems to come from the English name for these numbers. Each of the names, f these numbers, ends in the word "teen". (And no other number, ends in the word "teen".) I.e.,....

  • Thirteen (13)
  • Fourteen (14)
  • Fifteen (15)
  • Sixteen (16)
  • Seventeen (17)
  • Eighteen (18)
  • Nineteen (19)

No other number ends in "teen". The number right before 13, is 12, which is named: Twelve. And the number right after 19, is 20, which is named: Twenty.


In many cultures, including Canadian culture, the beginning of the teenage years, at age 13, was when a person turned into an Adult, and stopped being a Child. (Males at this age, were sometimes addressed by called them: "Young Man". The word "Man" only being used for male adults.)

This meant that people who turned 13, and thus became adults, were now ready to have Sex (if they wanted to). To get Married (if they wanted to). To live on their own (if they wanted to). To have their own children (if they wanted to). (And just to say it explicitly, this was with anyone at any age, and not just other teenagers!)

However, there are movements (often through the use of Coercion) to treat teenagers as not being adults at all. But to treat the teenage years as another level of childhood. And to push adulthood to start somewhere around 18 to 21. People older than the teenage years can now be persecuted, forced into jail, or even killed for treating a teenager as an adult.

There's even been a more recent effort to push the age at which adulthood starts to 30! (And treat the entire 20's as yet another level of childhood too.)

I find all this troubling! To me a person is definitely an adult once they are 13. (And perhaps before that, depending on the person.)

To me, this effort to try to postpone adulthood, has the effect of keeping people stupid and dependent on others.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux