Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki

Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki (~1798 - ~1847) is my father's father's father's father, according to various records I found.

His Parents

A record of Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki's marriage to Mary Ann Westcott provides his father's name. The name of Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki's father (in this record) is: Martin.

I do not know Tadeusz's mother's name.

His Family

He married (my father's father's father's mother) Mary Ann Westcott, and had children.

One of his children is named Thadias Krempowiecki. This is my father's father's father. Thadias Krempowiecki's full name may have been "Alfred Thadias Krempowiecki".

Multiple sources say Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki descendent of noble converts. Other sources say he is a Pole of Jewish origin. This suggests that either he or someone he is a decendent of converted to some form of Christanity from Judaism.

This is consistent with the results of my, my brother's and my father's sister's eldest son's DNA scans, which suggest Askenazi decent along the Krempeaux direct male line. If fact, those DNA results suggest it is either him or someone on his direct male line that converted from Judaism to Christanity,

His Career

A record of Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki's marriage to Mary Ann Westcott provides a description of his Rank or Profession in Poland. The description of Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki's Rank or Profession in Poland is:

Commissioner of Police in Poland

His Notableness

A number of sources (books, encyclopedias, scholarly papers) have found him noteworthy due to attributing him to involvement in what was eventually called the "November Uprising" or "November Insurrection", and his involvement in what was eventually called the "Great Emigration".

My understanding is that it is due to (what eventually was called) the "Great Emigration" (or "Wielka Emigracja" in Polish) that Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki (eventually) ended up in England, (eventually) married Mary Ann Westcott, and had children.

Krępowiecki, Krempowiecki, Krempo, Krempeaux

While Tadeusz Szymon Krępowiecki was later in England, his family name was written in an Anglicized form as "Krempowiecki" because English does not have the letter Polish letter "ę" (which is pronounced as "em"), and "ę" gets turned into "em".

Some documents show some of his grandchildren sometimes having their their family name shortened as "Krempo".

One of his grandchildren -- Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux -- eventully had "Krempo" written in a French style as "Krempeaux".

Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux brought this spelling of the family name with him when he moved to Canada. And the decendents of Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux's and his wife Helen Elizabeth Kerr use the "Krempeaux" spelling.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux
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