Topic: Surrey


Surrey is a city in BC, Canada.

(Note, there is also a county in South East England named Surrey. This article is not about that.)

I consider Surrey to be my home town. And lived there since August 1990 (in the Guildford region of Surrey) since the age of 14... but moved to Vancouver in August 2005 (because it was closer to my work).

Culture of Surrey

Surrey seems to have always had a fighers culture. (And in that way is similar to the culture found in the Dallas area of Texas.)

This partially contributed to Surrey's reputation of being a "rougher" place.

Regions of Surrey

Surrey is made up of an number of regions.

Some of the regions of Surrey are:

Some places used to be part of Surrey, but split off to become their own town or city. Some of these are:

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux