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The Scots are the people of Scotland. It is also common to call these people Scottish or Scottish People.

I have Scottish descent through my father's mother -- through my grandmother, Helen Elizabeth Kerr.

Scottish Canadians

There is alot of Scottish blood in Canada. And many many people in Canada have some Scottish descent. (The Scottish could be thought of a one of the proto-Canadians.)

Growing up in BC, Canada. In cities like Port Coquitlam, Surrey, and others, most the people I knew had some Scottish descent. (As I got older though, and as more people immigrated to the area I lived in, more and more people lacked Scottish descent.)

Canada also has a province named Nova Scotia, which is Latin for "New Scotland".

Scottish Motifs

When people think of the Scottish, I think most think of: Tartans, Kilts, Bagpipes, and people who don't have the ability to Tan, no mater long they stay in the Sun.

The Scots also have a reputation for being fierce warriors. And for being excellent engineers.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux