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Safavi (or in Persian: صفوي) is an Iranian family name.

I am a Safavi through my mother... Malekeh Agha Safavi. She told me that her family was originally from Esfahan, Iran.

From what I've read in public sources, it is said that the Safavi family is named after Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili. Whether they descend from him or not, I'm not sure.

My mother has suggested that "Safa" (in Safavi) is a cognate of Sufi. I have also read the name comes for the Sufi order named: Safaviyeh.

One of her sisters said that there are two kinds of Safavis....

  1. The Safavi from Esfahan
  2. The Safavi from Ardabil

My family is a mix of both the Safavi from Esfahan and the Safavi from Ardabil.

Safavid Dynasty

The Safavi family is well known for their part in Iranian history. The Safavi family is said to have ruled Iran from 1501 to 1736. Modern Iranian History often starts with the Safavid dynasty.

Typically, when people talk about the this part of the Safavi family history, they talk of or write of: the Safavid, the Safavids, or the Safavid Dynasty. (The "d" at the end of the label stands for "dynasty".)

Some People with Safavi Descent
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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux