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The phrase, The Rule of Law, is what I'd call one of the biggest Ironies in history. What most people use the phrase to mean today is not what it originally meant. In fact, the modern meaning expressed with the phrase "The Rule of Law" is completely incompatible with the original meaning of the phrase.

I didn't even figure out the real meaning of the phrase, "The Rule of Law", until I started hearing about Plato's and Aristotle's contrast of the Rule of Men with Rule of Law.

False Meaning

Today, the Rule of Law is just another way of saying that you are being ruled.

In Plato's "Statesman" and "Laws" and Aristotle's "Politics", this is what they call the Rule of Men. And thus the irony. That what most people today use the phrase "The Rule of Law" to mean is in fact what the original meaning of the phrase was "fighting" against!

"The rule of law", today, implies existance of Authority and thus Authoritarianism.

But these things were originally called the Rule of Men; and the Rule of Law was opposed to this.

Real Meaning

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux