Topic: Racial Group


A Racial Group or a Race is a group of humans or other living creatures that are similar to each other. (Of course the term similar is subjective, and thus what is and isn't a race is subjective.)

New races and constantly being created, and old races disappear (often by creating or becoming part of new races).

Does Race Exist

There seems to be a fad lately... that people are asserting that race does not exist.

The argument goes something like... all humans have 99%+ identical DNA to any other human... therefore there is no genetic basis for race... therefore race doesn't exist.

(Basically since the differences in DNA between races is so small, that there is no such thing as race.)

For a simple rebuttal... human DNA is 98% identical to a Chimpanzee... does that mean that Species don't exist‽

Why does the difference being subjectively small matter‽ It doesn't!... the difference that does exist still allows you to make classifications.

3 Race Theory

Historically, there was a theory that asserted that there were really only 3 races -- only 3 human Racial Groups. Namely:

And that people are either Pure Bloods of one these races, or a mix of one or more of them.

Later on the name of the White Race was changed because common usage of it came to mean something different than it's original meaning (from the point-of-view of this theory). (The term White Race... or White... in Canada and the USA at least... now basically only refers to people with pink, light-tan, or beige colored skin, typically with descent originating in north west Europe.)

The new names eventually became:

This sometimes also called:

This classification of humans came about through measurements of parts of the human skull. This is sometimes called: Craniofacial Anthropometry.

A word of warning!... the is actually a specific people called Caucasians. (This is different than the Caucasian Race or the Caucasoids.) Examples of them include the Georgians and the Chechens. The funny thing is that in Canada and the USA, many of the people who consider themselves to be of the Caucasian Race (which is often just called Caucasians... which can make things confusing)... don't consider real Caucasians to be of the Caucasian Race (or at least not Pure Bloods.)

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux