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Paul Douglas Krempeaux (? - January 5, 1997) is my uncle and my father's older brother.

His father's name is Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux. And his mother's name is Helen Elizabeth Kerr.

He is the oldest of 3 children. And thus has 2 siblings. A younger brother named Charles Robert Krempeaux -- my father. And an even younger sister named Audrey Jane Krempeaux.

As far as I know, he never had any children.

I do not know what color his hair was when he was younger, but his hair eventually became grey as he got older.

He also had blue eyes, like his brother and his sister.

When I was young, he lived with us in our house in New Westminster. I knew him as Uncle Paul (of course).

Military Career

Like his brother, Paul served in the military. I remember bits an pieces of his military service. Mostly from stories my father told me.

I remember that he fought in World War II, for the Canadian military. And that he was in the Tanks.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux