Topic: Ogham


Ogham is an ancient writing used by Picts as well various Celts.

Ogham is sometimes called the Tree Alphabet because the letters of the alphabet have names of trees.

Ogham Chart

Ogham can be written using UNICODE and using HTML entities. (Although whether the user is able to display these characters is another issue altogether.) The following chart below lists these out.

Symbol Gaelic Irish English UNICODE HTML Entity
Beithe Beith Birch U+1681 ᚁ
? Luis U+1682 ᚂ
Fern Fearn Alder Tree U+1683 ᚃ
Saille ? Sail Willow U+1684 ᚄ
Nuin or Nin Noin Ash Tree ? U+1685 ᚅ
úath U+1686 ᚆ
duir Oak U+1687 ᚇ
tinne U+1688 ᚈ
coll Hazel Tree U+1689 ᚉ
ceirt U+168A ᚊ
muin U+168B ᚋ
gort Ivy U+168C ᚌ
gétal U+168D ᚍ
straif Blackthorn U+168E ᚎ
ruis Elderberry U+168F ᚏ
ailm Pinetree U+1690 ᚐ
onn U+1691 ᚑ
úr U+1692 ᚒ
edad U+1693 ᚓ
idad U+1694 ᚔ
-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux