Topic: Ogg Theora


Ogg Theora is a Video format.

Ogg Theora on GNU/Linux Computers

Virtually all video playing software on Linux can play Ogg Theora videos. Video playing software such as MPlayer and VLC can play it.

Ogg Theora support on Linux is ubiquitous. Ogg Theora is the defacto standard video format on Linux.

Ogg Theora on Apple Mac Computers

In addition to VLC, one can watch Ogg Theora movies on Apple Mac computers by using XiphQT.

XiphQT integrates Ogg Theora into Apple's QuickTime technology. With it one can play Ogg Theora movies in any QuickTime based application, like Apple's iTunes software.

Internet TV Shows That Support Ogg Theora

Here's a couple IPTV shows that support Ogg Theora...

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux


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