Topic: MySQL


MySQL is an extemely popular Free and Open Source relations database.

Much of the early rapid development of the Web can be (partially) accredited to the existance of MySQL. (Although if MySQL had not have existed, then something else, such as PostgreSQL, would have likely took its place.)

Before MySQL the monetary cost of relational databases were out of the range of most people. This hindered the learning of and development with relational databases. MySQL made relational databases accessible to everyone. No longer did high cost stop people from learning or using relational databases.

MySQL's history is closely tied to that of Linux, PHP, and Apache. (Although it can be used on lesser server environments such as Microsoft Windows.)

As MySQL has developed and become more geared towards and useful to the enterprise, some developer have started to perceive MySQL as being too bloated for certain light environments. An alternative Free and Open Source relational database, called SQLite, is starting to displace MySQL in some areas. Like MySQL in the beginning, SQLite lacks many of the features of SQL. SQLite is most notably known for storing the database in the CSV data format.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux