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Micoformats are Semantic HTML with a specification created through the group.

One of the key points of Microformats are that they allow normal people to be able to use them.

One of the hurdles web developers have to get over when first approaching Micoformats and Semantic HTML in general is that the HTML class attribute is NOT just for appling CSS stylesheets. The class attribute is also for applying semantics.

Microformats are typically created using the HTML class attribute, the HTML rel and rev attributes (found on the <a> and <link> elements), and with the intrinsic semantics semantics built into various HTML Elements.

One misconception people seem to have is that if you want to embed semantics into HTML then you need a Microformat. This is wrong! Microformats are essentially just semantic HTML with a specification. But just because there is not a specification does not mean you cannot use semantic HTML.

List of Microformats
-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux



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