Topic: Man


In the modern form of the English Language, the word Man is used to refer to Male Humans.

In the past though, and even in my childhood, the word Man could be Gender-neutral, and refer to both Human Males and Females. For example: Mankind. Or in the sentence, "All men are created [with] equal [authority]".

Going back even further, the word Man was completely gender-neutral, and had the same meaning as the word "I" in the English Language. As in, "I am running".

The Persian Language (also known as Farsi or Parsi) still uses the word Man in this way. Also, I remember reading that the Latin Language also used the word Man in that way too.

(Persian, Latin, and English are theorized to all come from a single root language given the name Proto-Indo-European. In the past some thought (or assumed) that the Aryans were the ones that this Proto-Indo-European language originated from... but today people aren't as sure.)

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux