Krempeaux is a French spelling of a family name with a Polish origin.

(Krempeaux is my family name.)

Alternate spellings of Krempeaux include: Krempo, Krempowiecki, and Krępowiecki. Also (although it is not a Russian name, but the family name has been considered noteworthy) in Russian it gets spelt: Кремповецкий.

Origins of the Name

The Krempeaux family originally came from Poland, although the family name had a different spelling before.

When I was very young, I remember my aunt verbally telling me the original version of the family name. (I didn't see it written down.) I remember it sounding like "Kremposki".

On Friday January 15th, 2016 I found a document that suggested the original spelling of the family name was: "Krempowiecki".[1]

A little investigation suggested that "Krempowiecki" is an Anglicized spelling of the Polish name: "Krępowiecki". (Where the Polish letter "ę" is an "em" sound, and gets turned into "em" when written in English.)

I asked a native Polish speak how "Krępowiecki" is pronounced. I was told: krem-po-vyet-ski.

In addition to "Krempeaux", I have also seen some records from family members in England who spelt it as: "Krempo".

This seems to be consistent to what I have heard about French Family Names That End With an X.

Someone with the family changed it to Krempeaux. Basically, "Krempo" with a French spelling (changing it to "Krempeaux"). I suspect this was Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux. This may have been due to him being in France.

Later, Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux came to Canada, married Helen Elizabeth Kerr. And had 3 children: Paul Douglas Krempeaux, Charles Robert Krempeaux, and Audrey Jane Krempeaux. And of course, grandchildreen, and great grandchildren, etc came after that.

And as of 2006, all known people who bear the name Krempeaux (spelled in that exact way) live in Canada. Although there are people with Krempeaux descent not living in Canada.

Polish Family Names That End With "ski"

My understandig is that Polish names that end with "ski" (or "ki" in the case of "Krępowiecki", although it is pronouned "ski") means "from some city" or "of some city". In the case of "Krępowiecki" it means "from Krępowiec" or "of Krępowiec"; where "Krępowiec" may have been a city, town or village.

In Poland, these type of family names were members of the szlachta -- members of the Polish nobility. At that time in history, about 10% to 30% of the Polish population was szlachta.

What a name like "Krępowiecki" effectively meant is that at one time, there may have city, town, or village named ""Krępowiec" and the "Krępowiecki" family owned it.

I have not yet been able to find any town in Poland named "Krępowiec". So (if I got the spelling of the suspected city, town, or village correct) it may have either been renamed or no longer exists.

Common Given Names

Amoung the Krempeaux family many male children are given the name Charles and Robert.

I know that there has been at least 4 people named Charles Krempeaux. With myself being the latest one. (Each Charles Krempeaux had a different middle name though.)

It seems that people in the Krempeaux family (and the Kerr family of Canada) get named Robert (indirectly) because of a man named Robert Kerr. He was pretty well known in Canadian history and even has books written about him. Roughly, he's the Canadian version of Davie Crockett. He's also given credit for "discovering" or "mapping" much of Canada. According to my Dad, Robert Kerr -- my Dad's maternal grandfather -- was a pretty wild. And enjoyed partying. He'd show up in town with wads of hundreds (which was ALOT of money in that time).


I've never really been fan of the idea of a person or people forcibily "ruling" over others. But, I've choosen to include this because I tend to believe that you should never forget where you came from. That being aware of this part of the Krempeaux family history allows members of this family to get more information about their family due to the abundance of records of on some of these people.

Scottish Heraldry

There's a family story that (I can only assume that through Helen Elizabeth Kerr Krempeaux), that we are descendants of Mary Stuart, more commonly known as Mary, Queen of Scots or Mary I of Scotland.

I don't really know much about it other than my cousin told me about it. And that he was told about it by his Mother (who is my aunt and my Father's sister). My father never seemed to care about this kind of stuff, so, if he was aware of it, he never talked about it with me.

Iranian Heraldry

According to one of my Mother's sisters, their bloodline descends from Shah Abbas the Great, also known as Shah Abbas I. (His actual name was probably something like Sayyid Abbas Safavi; although that's just an educated guess... I haven't confirmed this through historical records or anything.)

And because of this, all people who currently bear the name Krempeaux have Safavi blood.

Some People with Krempeaux Descent

Here are some people with Krempeaux descent.


I got my DNA scanned with 23andMe and found my Y-DNA to belong to haplogroup: R1b1b2a1a1d1*. Barring a mutation, I'd assume this is the same DNA my father had also, etc. And thus that Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1b2a1a1d1* is associated with the Krempeaux family name.

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[1] The clue for the original spelling of the family name "Krempeaux" was found in this document: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/41629/page/1017/data.pdf which is from "The London Gazette, 10th February 1959".

Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux's name appears in the document (although with his middle name spelled "Stanislas").

He appears in the same record as Charlotte Elizabeth Krempowiecki.

In particular, it looks like Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux was dealing with Charlotte Elizabeth Krempowiecki's death.

The following is the relevant information from the document:

Name of Deceased
(Surname first)
Address, description and date of death of Deceased Names, addresses and descriptions of Persons to whom notices of claims are to be given
and names, in parentheses, of Personal Representatives
Date before which
notices of claim
to be given
KREMPOWIECKI, Charlotte Elizabeth 25 Cornwall Road, Littlehampton, Sussex, Spinster.
14th August 1958.
Holmes, Campbell & Co., 1 Arundel Road, Littlehampton, Sussex, Solicitors. (Mildred Sibrey (Attorney for Charles Stanislas Krempeaux).) 30th April 1959

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux
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