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Kerr is a Scottish Family Name.

I am a Kerr through my grandmother... through my father's mother... Helen Elizabeth Kerr.

I've been told, by a cousin of mine, that the name was once spelled Ker... but at some point the spelling of the name changed to Kerr. And that we are descended from the Ker of Kersland, the oldest line of the name in Scotland.

Alternate Spelling of Kerr

The earlies records show the Kerr Family Name being spelled as: Ker.

Other records state that the following family names are alternate spellings of the Kerr family name: Carr, Carre, Kier, Keer.

My personal family records shows it as originally being spelled as Ker, and at some later time, the family changing it to Kerr.


There was a region of what is today Scotland that was "owned" by the Ker; it had the name Kersland.

Some People With Kerr Descent

Here are some people with Kerr descent.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux