Topic: Joe Blow


The name "Joe Blow" is used as a Placeholder Name for a Human Male. I.e., it is used in cases where the guy's name is not known or where the guy's name is not important or is not relevant.

In many case, "Jow Blow" acts like a Pronoun.

Alternateively, if someone asks a question asking something like "who did something?", and you answer, "Joe Blow", then that is a way of saying: you don't know who.

I heard my father use this placeholder name numerous times. (In fact, it the only place holder name I remember him using (in my presence).)


Here's an example for "Joe Blow" used in a conversation....

Go tell Joe Blow, or whatever your teacher's name is, to come talk to me!

Here's another example....

Question from Jane: Who ate the last piece of cake?

Answer from John: Joe Blow.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux