Topic: Jawanmardi


Jawanmardi (sometimes also spelt Javarnmardi or Jaevanmaerdi) (or in Persian: جوانمرر or جوانمرری) is a set of rules, or more accurately virtues, which certain warriors followed; somewhat like Bushido (from warriors in Japan) or Chivalry (from warriors in France).

From the little that I know about it, Jawanmardi seems to be associated with Iranians. And seems to have a strong relations with the Safavid family. (Although I'm not an expert on this.)

Virtues of Jawanmardi

I have read that jawanmardi consists of eight virtues...

These are necessary to lead a person to the four characteristics of a true warrior...

Jawanmardi as a Metaphor

Today, Iranians and other speakers of Persian will call people Jawanmardi (or in Persian: جوانمرری) when English speakers might call someone brave, manly, heroic... but that person would have to have done something very very helpful to get called this.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux