Topic: Javaher Sultan Asami


Javaher Sultan Asami is my great grandmother -- my mother's mother's mother.

I never met her, but my mother remembers her. But she never remembered her name, but called her "grandma" (in Persian).

Javaher Sultan married Hussein Ali Ahan.

They had 3 children....

  1. Robabeh Sultan Ahan (my mother's mother... and my grandmother)
  2. Mohammad Ali Ahan
  3. Khadijeh Sultan Ahan

I don't know the names of her parents.

I don't know if she had any brothers or sisters.

Asami Family Name

I'm not 100% sure that her Family Name was Asami. In a conversation with Sedigheh Ahan, I was told that her brother -- Mohammad Ahan -- told her that he thinks Javaher Sultan's family name is Asami. But that he still feels that it is a wild guess. Mohammad Ahan said that while back before he left Iran, he found out about some of his grandma's relative in Esfahan and he went to visit them. And that that guess it based on that.


Javaher is the Persian word for Jewelery. In Persian it is spelt جواهر


I was told that Persians who have "Sultan" in their name like this signify that they have royal or noble descent. (Whether it is true is in this case or not, I do not know.)


One story I remember about Javaher Sultan is one my mother told me. My mother said she remembers her grandmother holding her hand, when she was very very young, teaching her how to write. Helping her write out the letters of the Persian alphabet.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux