Iliya (or in Persian: ايلييا) is a boy's Given Name used by both Iranians / Persians and Russians.

And is my middle name. (Mine coming from the Iranian source.)


When I was given the name Iliya, it seemed to be a relatively rare name in Iran. However, I have been told that it has become more common (in Iran) now. (But I'm basing this off of claims by other Iranians.)

Iliya is the Iranian version of the name Ali. And seems to be becoming popular as a replacement to the name Ali.

It is also sometimes spelled: Awliya. (Which likey makes both Iliya, Aliya, and Ali cognates of the name Elijah and Eliyahu.)


Russians also seem to use this same name. Although I do not know if it is related at all to the Iranian name "Iliya".

I've read some things that suggest that the Russian version of the name is a cognate of the name: Elijah. (Whether Ali is also a cognate of Elijah too, I don't know. But the similarities seem striking.)


Other variations of the name Iliya are:

  • Ali
  • Awliya
  • Elijah

People Named "Iliya"

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux
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