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To me and many others, IPTV is short form for Internet TV. So, in other words, IPTV is simply TV over the Internet. But what is TV....

Television (TV) is a telecommunication system for distributing and viewing moving pictures and sound over a distance. Internet TV is then just TV over the Internet.

One of the advantages of Internet TV (over older styles of TV) is that it is very decentralized without any barriers to entry or consumption.

Internet TV includes such things as:

  • NewTube
  • Peercasting
  • VidCasting
  • VideoBlogging
  • Vlogging
  • Vodcasting


There are 3 IPTV conference that I know of.

Vloggercon - which is held annually in San Fransico, California, USA.

Vlog-o-Rama - which is held annually in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

VlogEurope - which is held annually in Europe.

  • 2006, June 10 and 11 - Vloggercon 2006 - The 2nd annual Video Bloggers Conference held in San Francisco, CA, USA at Swedish American Hall
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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux