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Human Y-DNA (or Human Y-Chromosome DNA) is a Chromosome responsible for the creation of Human Males.


Many (but not all) of the types of life that we know about contains DNA. (The Human Y-Chromosome DNA being an example of that.)


Some of this DNA comes in the form of Chromosomes. (The Human Y-Chromosome DNA also being an examples of this.)

For most Humans, our cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Giving us a total of 46 per cell. (Other types of life that have chromosomes have differing numbers. And some life doesn't have chromosomes at all.)

Y-DNA and Gender

Like with almost all (known) Mammals, human Gender -- whether the human is Male or Female -- is determined by the presence of absense of the Human Y-Chromosome DNA.

In a nutshell, human males have the Human Y-Chromosome DNA; and human females don't.

However, the Human Y-DNA does more than just determine gender.

Human Y-DNA Haplogroups

Studies have found that there are a number of different types of Human Y-DNA. Between individual human males, some's Y-DNA is very similar to one another, and some are less similar.

Based on these similarities, some people have grouped these various Human Y-DNA into what is called Halogroups.

The tree below shows one theory on how the different Human Y-DNA haplogroups are believed to be related to one another.

Y-DNA and Race

Some will try to state that you can judge a person's Race by their Y-DNA. Saying stuff like...

  • The Caucasian Haplogroups are Haplogroup I, Haplogroup J, or Haplogroup IJ*
  • The Turkic Haplogroups are Haplogroup Q, Haplogroup R, or Haploogroup P*
  • The East Asians Haplogroups are Haplogroup N, Haplogroup O, or Haplogroup NO*
  • The Khoisan Haplogroup is Haplogroup A
  • The Pygmy Haplogroup is Haplogroup B

But things are not that simple! One needs to look at a person's entire DNA to make a kind of judgement on Race.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux