Topic: Helen Elizabeth Kerr


Helen Elizabeth Kerr is my grandmother and my father's mother.

Her father's name is Robert Kerr. And her mother's name is Mary Jane Dickson.

She is the youngest of 3 children, and thus had 2 siblings. The oldest, her brother Robert Kerr. (Who I remember as Uncle Bert. And who I think was called Bertie when he was a kid.) And her sister, who was the middle child: Jane Kerr. (I don't know if she had a middle name or not.)

From what I've been told by my father and other members of my family... her father is known in Canadian history for discovering/mapping much of Canada. And her mother is the first "white"... ie., the first non-american-indian child... born in Manitoba, Canada.

She married (my grandfather) Charles Stanislaus Krempeaux, and had three children.

  1. Paul Douglas Krempeaux
  2. Charles Robert Krempeaux (my Dad)
  3. Audrey Jane Krempeaux

She died when my father was just a child, which I think I had a major impact on my father's life. Causing him to leave home early.

From what I know, my father (Charles Robert Krempeaux) grew up in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada while his mother, Helen Elizabeth Kerr, was alive. So she spent part of her life living there.

I never met her. She died way way before I was born or even my parents got married.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux