Halvah (also sometimes slept Halva) (or in Persian: حلوا) is a Dessert eaten by Iranians and many many others.

My mother told me that everyone who makes halvah makes it a little differently.

My mother has made halvah a number of times, and gave me the recipe given later in this article.

Note, in English, what Iranians call "halvah" is sometimes called "wheat halvah". This is to distinguish it from what in English is called "sesame halvah"; which Iranians call Halvah Ardeh. (This article is about what Iranians call Halvah, and not Halvah Ardeh.)

Death Ceremonies and Mourning

Traditionally with Iranians, Halvah is mostly made and eaten during ceremonies to mourn people (usually friends or family) who have died.

Halvah is made for and consumed by the people who attend the wake.

Also, many people also mourn (specific) friends and family who have died regularly. Some do it weekly. Some do it monthly. Some do it yearly, on the anniversary of their death or the anniversary of their birth. Some do it on other days related to them. (For example, if the person who died is a father, then the person might be mourned on Father's Day. Or if it is a mother, then Mother's Day.) Halvah is made for these occations to and eaten.

Essentially, Iranians will make Halvah for and eat Halvah during occations when one mourns the death of family, a friend, or anyone else.


To make Halvah use the recipe below by gathering the following ingredients and following the instructions.

This is my mother's recipe.


Wheat Flour
Cooking Oil or Butter or Margarine (or a mix of some of these)
(Liquid) Water
Rose Water


Halvah is cooked on the Stove in a Pot. (You want to use a pot instead of a Cooking Pan, because the deep walls of the Pot will block the Oil or Butter or Margarine from spraying all over the place, making a mess and potentially burning you or others.)

Also, once you start adding ingredients, you have to keep stirring the mixture. (This is an important part in making it! And if not done, it won't come out properly.)

So to make halvah....

Put the stove on a "medium" heat. (Don't put the heat too high, or it will burn the ingredients.)

Put the Oil or Butter or Margarine (or whatever you are using) on the stove to and warm it up.

Once the Oil or Butter or Margarine (or whatever you are using) is warmed up, pour in the flour. And immediately start stirring the flour. (And keep one stirring!)

While still stirring... when the color of the flour changes (from what the color of the flour originally was) to a darker color (generally brown) and the flour smells like it is baked, then pour in the sugar. Keep on stirring though.

If you want, you can add a dash of Salt. (This is optional though.) Keep on stirring.

Then, if you'd like, add Saffron to the mix. (This is also optional.) Keep on stirring.

Then put 1 or 2 tea spoons of Rose Water. Keep on stirring.

And then put Water in it. Keep on stirring. The mixture should be runny.

Keep on stirring, until it the mix is not runny anymore. And it is thick.

Once it is done, you can garnish it with nuts or dates.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux
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