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The word "HOWTO" literally means "how to". It is a fussion of the word "how" and the word "to", to make the (new) word "howto".

What is a "HOWTO"

HOWTOs are a type of Tutorial that gives step by step instructions.

Example HOWTO

For example, here's a HOWTO on HOWTO do a (weight lifting) squat....

When doing a squat the key things to remember are that...

  • the bar sits on your Trap Muscles, and not on your Neck or Spine, so squeeze your traps together so that the bar has something rest on
  • when you do a squat you are sitting down like you are take a shit in the woods

Step 1: Move under the Bar Bell (with the weights on it) and lift it off the rack it was resting on.

Step 2: Take a step or two back from the rack (which the Bar was resting on) so that you are clear of it, and don't risk hitting the bar on it while you are doing your squat.

Step 3: Do your sqauts. In doing the down motion, sit down like you are going to take a shit in the woods.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux