Topic: God Given Right


The phrase "God Given Right" is meant to contrast the word "Right".

A Right is a permission granted to someone by another. The phrase "God Given Right" is a way of stating you do not need permission. For example....

"I have a God given right to carry as many firearms as I see fit, without having to jump through any of your hoops."
God Given Rights and Freedom

I have mostly heard the phrase "God Given Right" to be used to state that people do need permission to have their Freedom. So, for example....

"I have a god given right to own a gun."

Eventually, it seems, many people shortened "God Given Right" to just "Right". And instead started saying things like....

"I have a right to own a gun."

This seems to have led to a confusion between Rights and Freedom. People today use the word "Right", as "God Given Right" was used to be used, to talk about Freedom... not knowing that "Right" means something different than "God Given Right" and Freedom.

Not Religion Specific

The phrase "God Given Right" in absolutely no way refers to any religious text, document, book, or rules. It has nothing to do with any Religion.

The phrase "God Given Right" is metaphor. It is used to mean that you do not need permission.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux