Topic: Ghodumeh Dokhtar


Ghodumeh Dokhtar (or in Persian: قدومه دختر) is a seed that's used by Iranians as Medicine.

English Spelling

I took an educated guess at how to spell this. In addition to Ghodumeh Dokhtar, it could be spelled: Ghodume Dokhtar. (Also, the Dokhtar part could probably be also spelled as Doxtar using older forms of transliterations between English and Persian.)


For some medicinal uses of Ghodumeh Dokhtar, Watermelon can be used as an alternative (when Ghodumeh Dokhtar is not available). (Although, I think Ghodumeh Dokhtar works better. But that judgement is somewhat subjective, and I haven't tried any kind of quantification.)

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux