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French Fries, also just called Fries, and also called Chips in some places, and originally called French-Fried Potatoes, are Deep-Fried pieces of Potatoes.

Often Common Salt and sometimes other spices are added, as part of the cooking process.

Eating French Fries

I usually eat french fries by dipping them into Ketchup. Or by dipping them into a special sauce I make, that's a mix of Ketchup, Lemon Juice, and Sugar.

Less frequently I'll eat french fries by dipping them into a sauce made by mixing Ketchup and Mustard together. And I'll even eat french fries by dipping them into Honey Mustard, if it's sitting there in front of me.

I've also seen some people eat french fries with Mayonnaise, Vinegar, or both.

Note that, while I like to dip french fries into whatever sauce I am using, some people like to cover their french fries with the sauce first, before they start eating them (instead of dipping them just before the eat them).

French fries are sometimes, but less frequently, eaten as a meal by themselves. But are more often eaten with something else, as part of a meal. Often, this might be a Burger(s), a Hot Dog(s), a Sandwich, or a cooked pieces of Meat.


Making french fries is very easy to Cook. And you can make it in a number of different varieties.


Cooking Oil


Peel the potatoes and remove the eyes.

Cut up the peeled potatos into whatever shape you like.

Deep-Fry the potatoes in cooking oil.

Similar Foods

Similar Foods include: Hash Browns and Tater Tots.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux