Topic: French Family Names That End With an X


I was told by someone once that all French Family Names That End With an X signify a French illiterate ancestory. (Note that some of these people, although illiterate in French, could have been literate in other languages.) Note sometimes this suggests that that family is not originally French and that that family immigrated to France at some point in history, and thus this could mean that family name has root somewhere other than France.

Sign with an X

I suspect that this related to the idea of signing with an x. Since many people who were illiterate in French were completely illiterate, and could not read or write any language.


Some families whom have French family names that end with an x were not completely illiterate, even though they may have been considered illiterate in French. Some of these families migrated from non-French speaking parts of the world. (And were literate in their native languages -- could read and write their own languages; even though they were illiterate in French.)

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux