Topic: Eskimo


The Eskimo (also sometimes called the Inuit) are a people indigenous to the Arctic -- indigenous to the very north circumpolar part of the planet Earth.

In looks, they resemble East Asians such as the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. (I.e., the have the Mongoloid skull shape an epicanthic fold, sometimes also called folded eye lids.)

They are traditionally found in the very north of North America. This includes parts of Canada and the Alaska (which is part of the USA). They are also indigenous to Greenland. And are indigenous to Siberia (which is a part of Russia).

They may have existing in Europe at one time too, with the Finns and Estonians containing much of their genetic heritage. And the Balts (such as the Prussians, Lithuanians, and Latvians) containing some of this genetic heritage too. And some of their genetic heritage also appears amoung Scandinavians (like the Norwegians and Swedes).

The Eskimo phenotype -- the Eskimo look -- does sometimes get expressed in Europeans of the lineages mentioned.


My father lived near the Eskimo when he was on Baffin Island working on the DEW Line.

My father told me a number of stories involving the Eskimo.

Mistaken Identity

When my father was on Baffin Island working on the DEW Line, the Government which rules Canada would forcefully take the Eskimo children away from their parents. And put them in and through forced schooling.

My father told me this one story, that when he was there, there was a young (ethnic) Japanese guy who worked with him. (I think he might have worked on the DEW Line too, with my father.)

One time when members of the government came to forcefully take away the Eskimo children from their parents, the young Japanese guy got mistakened for an Eskimo kid. (The thing is, he wasn't a kid. But being young, I guess he was young enought. And also....) Being Japanense, he looked like an Eskimo.

The members of the government that came to forcefully take away the Eskimo children would not hear what the young Japanese guy told them. They would not believe that he wasn't an Eskimo. They planned to take him too no matter what!

The young Japanese guy tried to convince them that he wasn't an Eskimo, by getting my father and some other white people to back his story (that he wasn't an Eskimo). But, initially anyways, my father and the other wounld't back his story... which gave them a good laugh :-) Eventually though, they backed his story (that he wasn't an Eskimo) and the they released him. (Recalling and telling the story often caused my father to smile as it was a funny memory.)

Eskimo Intelligence

My father remarked a number of times that the Eskimo seemed quite intelligent to him.

When small machines would break down... even though they had no experience with machines, they would open it up, figure it out, and make a replacement part out of bone, and fix it!

(Another people I remember my father mentioning that displayed this kind of intelligence are the Afghans.)

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux