Topic: Egyptians


The Egyptians are a people in the region known as Egypt.

The Egyptians are likely most famously known as the descendents of the people of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Most people (I know) who think of ancient Egypt think of the Pyramids, Mummies, and the Sphinx.

The Ancient Egyptians

In my father's trips around the world, he encountered a people he told me were called the Niloites. He encountered these people in Western Africa. But told me that they were originally from the area near Egypt.

My father told me once that he believed that the Niloites to be the same race as the Ancient Egyptians. (I believe, today, the more common name for the Niloites is Nilotes). He also suggested that the modern people living in Egypt are descendent of Niloites, the original Greek race, as well as other peoples who came to or through Egypt and mix with the people of Egypt.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux