Topic: Cup of Jamshid


The Cup of Jamshid is a legendary cup, said to be possessed by Jamshid, one of the ancient Iranian kings.

It was said to have been filled with an elixir of immortality. It is also said that is was used for Scrying -- used for Forture Telling.


Jamshid is a famous King of Iran from ancient times. He is probably best known through Ferdowsi's poetry contained in the Shahnameh. And also to some degree from the Avesta where he seems to be called Yima.

His name is still a boys name in Iran. And the Iranian city of Persepolis is still told to have been originally called Takht-e Jamshid -- the thrown of Jamshid.

Related Motifs

The story of the Cup of Jamshid may have given rise to the story about the Nartyamonga (from the Nart Sagas), which in turn is believed to have gaven rise to the stories of the Holy Grail (being a cup).

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux