Topic: Computer Science


Computers Science (also sometimes called Comp. Sci.) is a type of Applied Mathematics with Engineering and some Psychology.

How I Got Into Computer Science

I think what got me into Computer Science, besides my Math aptitude, was my childhood love of Video Games.

As a child, I had played Arcade Games. But I think it was when my parents got me and my brother an Atari 2006 that I first had the desire to want to make video games. (Something that I never actually ended up doing, except for a couple indie video games, but resulted in me focusing my computer science studies multimedia topics.)

When I started at College/University, I took all sorts of classes. Topics such as Chemisty, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science; as well as all sorts of electives.

At the beginning of College/University I hadn't yet decided to major in Computer Science. My original idea was to major in Organic Chemistry. A topic I was fascinated in High School, but lost my passion for in University. What turned me off from organic chemisty was that, unlike some other parts of Scientific study that were dominated by Deductive Reasoning, the organic chemistry I was exposed to wasn't. I basically involved memorizing thousands of formulas. Something that didn't appeal to me at the time.

After that, I started to focus more on my Mathematics and Computer Science studies. (But while doing this I often thought how things I learned could be applied to making to making video games.)

My idea was to major in Mathematics, but I kept on taking Computer Science classes, because of two reasons; #1, I enjoyed it, and #2, I found it an easy way to get an A-grade :-) I was using my computer science grades as a type of insurance in case I ended up getting a poor grade in another class. (I hadn't yet decided to major in computer science.)

The more I took computer science though, the more I liked it. I found that it was a type of applied mathematics.

Eventually, what caused me to decide to change my major from Math to Computer Science was when some class mates told me that, unless I was willing to move out of BC, the only job I could get with a major in Math was doing Actuarial Math, predicting when people will die, for insurance companioes. Not something I wanted to do! I preferred doing the very very abstract Math. Perhaps branching over into the domain of Physics, trying to understand the nature of Reality.

So, after I was already taking 4'th year Math couses, I decided to make my major Computer Science. After that, I went on to major in an graduate in Computer Science.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux