Topic: Child


A Child is a person who has not yet started or gone through Puberty. So, a person is a child during their time, starting at birth and ending when they start puberty.

Childhood versus Adulthood

Once a person starts to experience puberty, they are an Adult, and not longer a child.

Thus a person must either be a child or an adult. I.e., A person is a child if and only if they are not an adult. (And of course, a person is an adult if and only if they are not a child.)


The inflected plural form of the word "child", is: Children. As in, "These people are children".

Childhood is the inflected form of the word "child" which means: the time when a person is a child. As in, "I remember my childhood".


In many cultures, a child will live with their parents -- with their Mother and Father. And usually, children will spent alot of their time playing, learning, and training. (Although this often continues past childhood too.)

Parents tend to be very protective of their offspring while they are children.

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux