Topic: Chemistry


Chemistry is a sect of Science about what Matter and instances of matter (that comes in forms like solids, liquids, gases, and plasma) are made up of, and about changing instances of matter into other instances of matter.

(It is one of the topics I considered for my major at University. And a topic I studied alot in the past.)

Chemists and Alchemists

Although no one (that I know of) calls themselves Alchemists anymore, in some ways, Chemistry can be thought of a subset of Alchemy. Either way though, if one is inclined to learn the history of chemistry, then Alchemy is very much a part of that History.

Learning Chemistry

A good way to start your education of chemistry is to start by learning about the Chemical Elements as seem on the Periodic Table.

Once that is understood, learn about the Avogadro Constant and then learn about the Mole Unit

After that, one can then start learning Reaction Stoichiometry.

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