Topic: Caucasians


Caucasian is the name of the people of Caucasia, which today is more commonly known as the Caucasus.

Also, in some places in the world (like Canada and the USA) the word "Caucasian" is used to refer to anymore who "looks like" the people of the Caucasus. ("Look like" in this case refers to having skulls and faces shaped "like" the people of the Caucasus; and specifically the Georgians.)

Although, there should be a note or warning, that recently I have noticed, as of the 2000s that with the people the word "Caucasian" has been redefined to mean someone who looks like a north west European and specifically has depigmanted skin like north west Europeans. This is quite ironic since this means that real Caucasians like the Georgians, the Chechens, etc would not be considered "Caucasian" under this redefinition of the word.

Some modern people that are mostly Caucasian include:

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux