BidClix was an online advertising company based in Seattle, Washington and with offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada... on Granville Island.

The official website was at: http://bidclix.com/

(It has since been shut down.)

I was the principal software engineer at BidClix.


BidClix was created by Paul Needham and David Punch. In an rented house in Seattle, nicknamed the Julio Suite. It eventually grew and grew, and took up various offices on Granville Island.

BidClix was the first advertising metwork to come out with a self-serve system. One that was totally automated and let advertisers place ads and let publishers serve ads without human intervention. This paradigm has become an industry standard and is mimiced by all of todays advertising networks.

In 2006, BidClix was purchased by Accipiter, Inc.. Later that same year, Accipiter, Inc. was purchased by aQuantive, which also owned Atlas Solutions, Avenue A | Razorfish, and DrivePM.

I had been part of the BidClix team since 2004, as their Principal Software Engineer. But left in May 2007, after it was decided (by aQuantive) that our Vancouver office (on Granville Island) would be merged into their Seattle office. (I wasn't willing to move at that time.)

After I left, aQuantive was purchased by Microsoft.

Business Structure

BidClix roughly consisted of 6 teams:

  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Software Engineering
  • Support
  • Management
  • Office

(I say roughly because, since BidClix was such a small company, people often did more than one thing, and we often on more than one team.)

The Business Development Team was responsible for attracting and retaining publishers. (I.e., the place to run BidClix ads.)

The Sales Team was responsible for attracting and retaining advertisers. (I.e., people to create ads on the BidClix network.)

The Software Engineering Team was responsible for creating, maintaining, and managing the technology. (I.e., the technology that does all the "magic".)

The Support Team was responsible for providing support to advertisers, publishers, and partners.

The Management Team made the global decisions for the company.

The Office Team did everything from accounting and managing the office.


The people worked at BidClix include:

Others who didn't work at BidClix but we involved with it include:

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux
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