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The Aryans are a people known for their long history and advanced culture. Modern day examples of this race include Iranians and Afghans. There is also evidence that suggests that, although there has been mixing, there is Aryan blood among the following people: the Azerbaijani, the Indians the Ossetians.

In many historical records, there are a people known as the Scythians. From anient writtings we know that Scythians were considered to be kindred of the Aryans. It is believed that the most Afghans and Ossetians are descent from the Scythians. Some also believe that the Slavs are a mix of the Scythian with other blood.

There is also evidence to suggest that White Huns are (all or in part) Aryans. (More research is needed though.)

Name of the Aryan People

In English, the correct name for Aryan People or Aryan Person is Aryani.

Modern forms of this word include Irani, which is what (most) people from Iran call themselves. (Note, Iranians -- Irani -- do NOT call themselves Persians. Despite English speakers calling them that. Persia is actually the name of a province in Iran.)

Another modern form of the word includes Ironi, which is what people from Ossetia call themselves.

The ancient people often known as the Alans called themselves by another form of the word: Alani. (The Alans -- Alani -- were one of the people often referred to as Scythians in literature.)

Historical Mention of Aryans

The term Aryan has been used for thousands and thousands of years and has referred to a specific people who live in certain regions of the Middle East and Central Asia such as what we today we call Iran and Afghanistan.

One of the more famous ancient uses of the word Aryan is attributed to Darius the Great, written in Aryan Cuneiform sometime between circa 549 BC. 485 BC. in stone on the Behistun Inscription....

"I am Darius the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage."

Today, Iranians still call themselves Aryans. In fact, Iran literally means Land of the Aryans.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux