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Aryan Cuneiform (or in Persian: ميخي) is a form of Cuneiform. Like all cuneiform, Aryan Cuneiform is a written language -- a Script. Aryan Cuneiform was used by the Aryans (i.e., Iranians) of the Persian Empire, who, in the English Language, are usually called: Persians.

Aryan Cuneiform is one of the first known written languages -- one of the first known scripts -- known to exist.

It is a Phonetic Alphabet with some Logograms.

Aryan Cuneiform was primarily used to write an older form of the Persian Language.

When my mother was a child, a neighbor or family member of her's tried to teach her Aryan Cuneiform. (Although she doesn't remember much of it. Not enough to teach it to me.) So at least as far as that time, there existed a tradition of (to some degree) using it and teaching it still.


Aryan Cuneiform has gone by a number of different names. For political reasons (because some desire not to use the word "Aryan"), it's now common to see it called Old Persian Cuneiform or Old Persian Script. I've also seen it called Old Persian.

Some people call this wedge writing. People who speak Persian call this Mikhid or Mikheed (or in Persian: ميخي); which roughly translates to nail writing. (Persian speaker call it this because the script looks like it is made up of the impressions of carpenter nails.)


Aryan Cuneiform can be "written" using UNICODE. And thus, also written in HTML and XML.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux