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An Apple is a type of edible Fruit.

I've eaten alot of apples all my life. By itself, sliced, with Cheddar Cheese, in Apple Pie and Apple Crisp, and as Apple Sause. I've even drunk it as Apple Juice. And even mixed Apple Juice and Orange Juice together, and drunk that.

The "normal" apples -- the domesticated apples -- that are eaten used to be called the Table Apple, but are now often called Orchard Apples.

The wild apples are often called Crab Apples.

Eating Apples

Apples are often eaten as is. (Although they are generally washes first.) If there is a woody stem still attached, some people like to remove it first, before eathing it, often by twisting it until it detaches. The skin and the meat of the apple are eaten. The Apple Core and the Apple Seeds are not eaten.

Some people will cut up the apple, into slices, before eating it. Some will de-core it. And some (who do not like the skin), will skin the apple before eating it.

In Foods

Some of the Foods, that use apples as an ingredient, that I like are....

Certain foods (above) are better when specific types of apple varieties are used. (You can't just use any type of apple. Doing so will make it so the food won't taste right.)

Apple Varieties

There are many many different types of apples. They different in skin color, size, shape, and taste.

An apple's skin color can range from red to green to yellow. Some will have a solid skin color. Some will have a mix of colors on its skin, even with speckling.

Some of the different types of apples are....

You varieties of apples can also be breed trhough various techniques.

Related Fruits

The apple is related to a number of other Fruit. Some of the edible ones include....

-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux