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The 2000s, also written '00s or 00's, and some call it the Twenty Hundreds or Two Thousands or Noughties, is the period from January 1st, 2000 to December 31st, 2009.

Note, some people confuse "2000s" or the terms "Twenty Hundreds" and "Two Thousands", as meaning the entire 21st Century, instead of just the Decade from January 1st, 1950 to December 31st, 1959.

This article is about the Decade from January 1st, 2000 to December 31st, 2009. I prefer to calls this decade the "Noughties".


I graduated from University in the Noughties.

My brother graduated from University in the Noughties.

I got my first Software Engineering job, after graduating from University, at iFusion, in the Noughties.

The Dot-Com Bubble crashed in the Noughties.

iFusion went out of business in the Noughties, because, even though they weren't a Dot-Com'er, their clients were. And when Dot-Com Bubble crash, their clients went out of business, and so did they.

Because of the poor job market after the Dot-Com Bubble crash, I had no income for months, in the Noughties.

I created my own consulting company Reptile Consulting & Services in the Noughties. At my consulting companies peek, I had 8 people working for me -- 4 full time and 4 part time -- and had over 25 clients. (Not bad for some who was 26/27. A stark constrast to most people I knew, who had not had an education after high school, and were all still "partying".)

After staying at home, with my parents for a while after graduating University (because my father got a bit sick, and I wanted to be around), I moved out on my own, in the Noughties.

My mother's oldest brother, Sayyid Hassan Safavi, died in the '90s.

I did work for BidClix in the Noughties.

I met my friend Radoslav Gazo in the Noughties.

I bought a 2003 Mazda RX-8 GT in the Noughties. (The 1st year they were available.)

I moved to Vancouver, to Kitsilano down by Kits beach, in the Noughties.

My friend, Adam Gerald Bergunder, had a son named Ethan Edwin Scott Bergunder in the Noughties. (Having grown up with Adam, I think of Ethan as being almost like my own son.)

My father died in the Noughties. (We still miss him very very much!)

I bought a 2007 Mazda RX-8 GT in the Noughties. (My 2nd RX-8..)

I went to the Internet TV conference called Vloggercon in the Noughties. (My brother came with me.)

I created the Internet TV Show, Tirebiterz, in the Noughties.

BidClix got bought by Accipter in the Noughties.

Accipter (which previously bought BidClix) got bought by aQuantive in the Noughties.

aQuantive decided to shut down the BidClix office, on Granville Island, in the Noughties. They wanted all of us to relocated to Seattle. I decided not to, and left BidClix/Accipiter/aQuantive.

I did work for Top Producer in the Noughties.

I created in the Noughties.

I got a contributor credit for the creation of HTML 5, in the Noughties.

I created VideoPress and became a founding member of Show in a Box (which VideoPress is a part of), in the Noughties.

I did work for Navarik in the Noughties.

I shared a booth at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show, hired promo girls, sold Tirebiterz clothing and promoted the Tirebiterz Show, in the Noughties.

I co-founded the company 49 Research with Radoslav Gazo in the Noughties.

I moved to West End of Vancouver, down on Beach Avenue, in the Noughties.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux