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The 1990s, also written '90s and 90s, and often called the Nineties, is the period from January 1st, 1990 to December 31st, 1999.


Me and my family moved back to BC, Canada from Texas in the '90s.

I skipped another grade, with about half my classes, in the '90s.

I met my friend Chet Earl Woodside in the '90s.

I met my friend Adam Gerald Bergunder (through my brother) in the '90s.

Me and my brother started training in Tae Kwon Do in the '90s.

I started wondering what I was, in the '90s. And started reading 2 Encyclopedia sets, reading every National Geographic magazine I could get my hands on, and really finding out about the breadth and depth of my father's knowledge about History and people around the world (through all the questions I was asking him)... all to figure out the answer to the question of "what I was". This lead to or increased my passion for History, Anthropology, Archaeology, and Human Genetics. This also set me off on the process of reading all of those 2 encyclopedia sets, A-Z. (This was before most people had even heard of Internet or The Web.) And made me start to be appreciative of the knowledge I had access to from my father... from the all topics my father had educated himself on... and the very unique knowledge he gained by visiting every country in the world, except for two... and the knowledge he possed just by having been born in the 1920s.

I started training in Greco-Roman Wrestling in the '90s.

I started studying Chemistry in the '90s.

I started studying Physics in the '90s.

I started studying Calculus in the '90s.

I graduated High School in the '90s.

My brother graduated High School in the '90s.

I started University in the '90s.

My parents bought me my first car in the '90s (because I went to University). (It was a brand new blue Chevrolet Cavalier, with a spoiler.)

I created my first job, as a private Math Tutor in the '90s. (I put an ad in a Grocery Store, and got my first student that way. They liked how well I taught, and told their friends. Soon I had many many students.)

My brother started University in the '90s.

My parents bought my brother his first car in the '90s (because he went to University). (It was a brand new black Chevrolet Cavalier.)

I started Weight Lifting again, regularly, in the '90s. (I started doing this since, with all the studying and classes due to University, I didn't have any time for Martial Arts training anymore.)

I taught myself HTML in the '90s. Mostly from doing a View Source and reading the HTML Source Code, on various Webpages.

I got into Linux in the '90s.

My Uncle Paul -- my father's brother -- died in the '90s.

I taught myself PHP, in the '90s.

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux