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The 1980s, also written '80s or 80s, and often called the Eighties, is the period from January 1st, 1980 to December 31st, 1989.


Me and my family moved to Texas from BC, Canada in the '80s.

My parents bought me and my brother an Atari 2600 in the '80s.

I learned how to swim in the '80s.

Me and my family moved back to BC, Canada from Texas in the '80s.

After just recently starting at a new Elementary School, I had the school bully pick a fight with me. I beat him up, and the kids at the school carried me on their shoulders cheering (until the teacher came, and we all ran into the forest), in the '80s.

After I beat up the school bully, in Elementary School, I started having people start fights with me regularly, in the '80s. (I don't know if it was because I beat up the school bully, or because I was the new kid. Or if it was because I was younger and (thus, because I was younger than everyone was) smaller than most the people in my grade, since I had skipped a grade before.)

Me and my brother started training in Shotokan Karate in the '80s.

After my Elementary School gave everyone an IQ test, 6 of us were taken and put in special classes originally called "Enrichment" but which was later called "The Gifted Child Program", in the '80s. (My teacher, at the time, had to explain why the student with the best grades in our class didn't get into the program, but why someone like me, who hated doing homework, and often didn't do his homework, did get in. It was the first time I remember having the difference between "intelligent" person and a "hard working" person explained.)

I was a substitute "Sensei" for the Shotokan Karate classes, when the real Sensei had to leave, couldn't show up, or was late in the '80s. (Being a Preteen at the time, most of the adults in the class didn't seem to like me teaching them, because I was so young.)

I was told I wasn't allowed to take the test for my black belt, in Shotokan Karate, because I was too young in the '80s. I think they said I had to wait until I was 16 or 18 years old before I could take the test with a "grand master" from Japan. (At the time I was very upset about it. But now that I am older, I'm more understanding of it.)

Me and my brother started training in Judo in the '80s.

Me and my family moved to Texas from BC, Canada in the '80s.

I started playing the Drums in the '80s.

I heard Rap Music for the first time, in the '80s. (They didn't play it on the Radio or on TV yet. It was still largely "underground" music.)

I went on the Football team, at my High School in the '80s.

While in Football, I started Weight Lifting for the first time, in the '80s. At age 12, I had a 130 lbs bench press and an 85 lbs curl. (I had always been strong for my age. It seems to have run on my mother's side of the family.) (Later, I stopped weight lifting until I got older, after I heard that weight lifting too much can stunt your growth if you do it too young.)

I became a Teenager in the '80s.

I went on the Weight Lifting team, at my High School in the '80s.

I started training in Jujitsu in the '80s. (But despite my father wanting me to learn it, my mother pulled me out of the classes, shortly after beginning, because she felt the teacher was being too rough with me. I regret not having gone further with my Jujutsu training!)

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux