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The 1970s, also written '70s or 70's, and often called the Seventies, is the period from January 1st, 1970 to December 31st, 1979.


My grandfather -- my father's father -- died in the '70s.

My mother and my father got married in the '70s.

I was born in the '70s.

My mother started teaching me to speak both English and Persian in the '70s.

My mother started teaching me Math in the '70s.

I said my first words in the '70s. (At about 5 months old.)

I started walking in the '70s. (At about 6 months old.)

My father convinced my mother to move from Iran to Canada in the '70s.

My unce, Paul Douglas Krempeaux, lived with us for a while, in the '70s.

My brother was born in the '70s.

My brother said his first words in the '70s.

My brother started walking in the '70s.

We went back to Iran (from Canada) to visit, and to show my brother to my mother's family in Iran in the '70s. (And then came back to Canada.)

The Iranian Revolution happened in the '70s. (And the "culture" in Iran changed so much that in alot of ways, the Iran my mother remembes no longer exists.)

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-- Mirza Charles Iliya Krempeaux