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Kaban @HootSuite

Kaban @HootSuite

1. Define any process workflow

2. Visualize it on a Kanban board

["Queued" and "Ready for QA" colums are buffers. "HOV" row is #tigerblood]

3. Set WIP Limits

[WIP limit exceeded in "Queued" column.]

4. Start items in the Queue

5. Move items through the process

[Process is to move cards from left to right one column at a time, excluding the "Impeded" column. Usual flow is: TriageQueuedIn DevelopmentIn ReviewReady for QAQAReady to Release.]

6. Measure Time to Complete a Cycle

[Cycle time starts at Queued and ends at Ready to Release.]

7. Slacktime

[QA and In Review] WIP limit exceeded

8. Visualize Cycle Times

Trending up :-(

-- Noel Pullen

from "Kanban: July 17, 2012 @ UBC"

Quoted on Mon Jul 30th, 2012