Heritability Of Autistic Traits

Moderate to high heritability was found for autistic traits in the general population (53% for females and 72% for males). High heritability was found in extreme-scoring groups. There were no differences in heritability among extreme groups or between the extreme groups and the general population. A continuous liability shift toward autistic trait affectedness was seen in the cotwins of individuals scoring in the top 1%, suggesting shared etiology between extreme scores and normal variation.


Monozygotic (MZ) twins display from 60% to 90% concordance for ASD; the concordance in dizygotic (DZ) twins has been estimated from 0% to 30%.1 - 7


Modest to high heritability has been reported for autistic traits assessed quantitatively in the general population,8 - 13 although assessments have varied in their estimates of genetic and environmental contributions.14 - 21 Reported values of heritability vary from 36%18 to 87%.12 ,18


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-- Elise B. Robinson , Karestan C. Koenen , Marie C. McCormick , Kerim Munir , Victoria Hallett , Francesca Happé , Robert Plomin , Angelica Ronald

from "Evidence That Autistic Traits Show the Same Etiology in the General Population and at the Quantitative Extremes (5%, 2.5%, and 1%)"

Quoted on Sun Jul 1st, 2012