Older Men Produce Sperm And Children With Longer Telomeres

[S]cientists have discovered that in sperm, telomeres lengthen with age.


Dr Dan Eisenberg and colleagues from the Department of Anthropology at Northwestern University studied telomere inheritance in a group of young people living in the Philippines.

Telomeres, measured in blood samples, were longer in individuals whose fathers were older when they were born.

The telomere lengthening seen with each year that the men delayed fatherhood was equal to the yearly shortening of telomere length that occurs in middle-aged adults.

Telomere lengthening was even greater if the child's paternal grandfather had also been older when he became a father.


"The authors did not examine health status in the first generation offspring."

-- Michelle Roberts

from "Children with older fathers and grandfathers 'live longer'"

Quoted on Thu Jun 14th, 2012